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President/CEO Message

Greetings from the President/CEO of the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce

Shop Bremerton Business

Show Up for Bremerton Business

November 5, 2021

Supporting local business is the fundamental reason the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce exists. Our Member Businesses are the life of the Chamber, and the vitality of our local economy is crucial for sustaining our members, other local businesses, and our community as a whole.

Local businesses are in full holiday prep mode. Many are operating understaffed because of labor shortages that remain partially mysterious. Many are coping with supply chain deficiencies. Long, stressful hours compound these struggles. For many businesses, this Season of Giving is critical to survival. It’s time to show up for Bremerton.Local business owners are our neighbors, family members, and friends. They are parents and relatives of our children’s and grandchildren’s friends and classmates. Bremerton is a community, and we are not strangers here.

When the we here at the Chamber say, “Shop Local!” or we promote the new Shop. Eat. Spend. KITSAP campaign, we aren’t chanting mantras, we’re saying support your neighbors. We don’t begrudge Behemoth delivery services that employ our friends and neighbors, but you can’t order good neighbors and lifelong friends online.

Our local business community is as unique and vibrant as our city itself. Celebrate the season and our community by dining at locally owned restaurants and cafés. Wake up with some of our locally owned coffee shops.  Give unique gifts you will only find at a locally owned shop or store. Enjoy the continuous flow of quality entertainment at our local theatres and the unique, fun flavors and events at the many local breweries and favorite watering holes.

Don’t forget to follow the Visit Bremerton Facebook page! We’re serving all the fun events going on at local favorites around Bremerton so you you can support your neighbors.Remember to be kind.  We’ve all been through a lot these last couple of years.Show up for Bremerton business. Show up for Bremerton. Show up for your neighbors.

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More recently however, the launch of Kitsap Transit’s Fast Ferry, our “still more affordable than Seattle” housing and the subsequent relocation of young professionals, families and businesses to Bremerton is causing quite a buzz. Investors are also paying attention to Bremerton. The designation of downtown Bremerton as a federal Opportunity Zone has attracted revitalization investment, the result of which we can see in the development of Quincy and Marina Squares. One might think that it’s all about what’s going on downtown.

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First, there is no doubt that Bremerton is a proud Navy town! Bremerton was born in 1891, the same year as Naval Base Kitsap and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and the two have been inextricably entwined ever since.

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As I look back on the past six months I’m struck with how much we’ve been able to accomplish in such a short time. While some of our efforts are still in process, we’re already beginning to see impact.

Our Membership and Marketing Committees are in full swing and a new Member Ambassador Program will be launched soon. Our website is in the process of being redesigned and a new Chamber rack card has taken the place of an outdated booklet and is now being used for membership promotion.

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We know that many of our local businesses have not been able to open their doors and others are busier than ever with insurance claims and car repairs. Most of us have remained at home, off the roads and safe from the treacherous conditions.

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