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Our People

Denise Frey, Bremerton Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO

Denise Frey

President & CEO

Denise Frey is the President and CEO of the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center. With more than thirty years of non-profit management experience on the local, regional, and national levels, Denise’s passion for collaboration and strategy within local businesses is unparalleled.  

When Denise is not in the office, she enjoys hiking in the Olympics and being a kid with her two grandchildren.  

Marissa is the accountant for the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce

Marisa Acuna

Finance & Operations Manager

Marisa Acuna is the Finance and Operations Manager of the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center. Marisa’s role with the Chamber is foundational as she manages the functional business and financial operations of our organization while supporting our membership and programming. 

In her free time, Marisa enjoys food, wine, and traveling the world. 

Bremerton Chamber of Commerce

Ashley Stenger

Community Engagement Specialist

Ashley Stenger is the Community Engagement Specialist for the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center. With background and expertise in journalism, social media management, and live event production, she specializes in highlighting local businesses in a content-driven world.   

Ashley's hobbies include animation, professional wrestling, and hanging out with her two Great Danes. 

Jeff Martin, Business Consultant, Web Designer, Marketing Consultant, J. Martin Marketing Co., The Innovative Creative LLC

Outside Consultant

Jeff is an outside consultant who has worked in lock-step with the Chamber since 2019, helping our organization to leverage technologies and digital media to enhance operations and marketing.  He is also a seasoned web design and development professional and facilitated the design of the Bremerton Visitor Center website and the redesign of the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce website.  A member of the Chamber he is the owner of J. Martin Marketing Co. (a division of The Innovative Creative LLC). 

Outside of work, Jeff can be found traveling, writing and creating digital art pieces. 

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