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Joint Compatibility Transportation Plan: Bremerton, WA

Transportation Advocacy: Bremerton Chamber of Commerce Working for Bremerton Business

Transportation. It’s what gets us from Point A to Point B, to Point C and beyond. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from walking to bicycling to cars to buses, ferries, and airplanes. And then when you add the sidewalks, bike paths, roadways, waterways and airspace, and how they all connects, it quickly gets complicated. Transportation has a lot of moving parts, no pun intended. And I haven’t even mentioned parking!

It’s because of its complexity that transportation planning is critical to our community, including its small businesses. Most of us use transportation daily and small businesses are no different. They depend on our transportation structure to bring customers safely and conveniently to their storefronts. They depend on deliveries of merchandise and supplies in order to meet their customers’ needs.

Transportation infrastructure is critical to a small business’ success.

There’s a project that was launched here in Bremerton at the beginning of this year called the Joint Compatibility Transportation Plan. Joint Compatibility Transportation Plan | Bremerton, WA - Official Website ( on the most southerly entrance to Bremerton, the City has been awarded a Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment grant to undertake a comprehensive commuter traffic plan to resolve traffic and parking conflicts. The project includes the Navy as an active partner and will develop a responsive and actionable plan to address current transportation issues in Bremerton.
Bremerton Chamber of Commerce is already at the table as a member of the project’s Community Sounding Board. We are actively representing the business community and will continue to advocate for safe and easy access to local businesses.

Department of Defense Commits Funding for Joint Compatibility Transportation Plan

$675,000 in Department of Defense funds and $75,000 of City funds have been committed to the project, which includes these deliverables:

  • Examine existing and future needsrelated to all transportation modes serving NBK-Bremerton, including parking, pedestrian facilities, transit facilities; etc., >
  • Develop solutions to resolve deficits;
  • Evaluate options to mitigate transportation and parking demands;
  • and,develop a prioritized implementation plan.   

Project Open House August 24

There will be an Open House for the project next month, on August 24. Stay tuned for more information and in the meantime, know that your Chamber is working for you! 

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