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Business and Pandemic Economy

The Shift

Do you feel the shift going on around us? I’m hearing more and more people talk about it as a major long-term and perhaps permanent alteration of how we all live and work. It doesn’t seem to matter who we are or what we do, many of us are conscious of the changes going on around us. And within us.

It’s a cultural shift. A big one. And it impacts every aspect of our lives. But for now, let’s focus on small businesses.

Small Business & Pandemic Economy

Business owners continue to struggle in this pandemic economy but there is a sense among them that we’re close to becoming fully operational once again. They’re confident that they will survive and perhaps even thrive in the new normal. There is a strong sense of hope, of optimism and pride in survival.

Let's hold on to all that optimism but remember that with State mandates linked to the pandemic still in place, we have to stay vigilant.

Kitsap County Officials Warn COVID Numbers are Rising

Kitsap County officials are now warning us that our COVID numbers are going up and may soon trigger a step back into Phase 2. While a discouraging prospect, we still have time to impact the situation.

We must continue to mask up, practice social distancing and get vaccinated as soon as we’re able. Unless we work to keep our COVID numbers down, we face deeper restrictions and losses and that roller coaster ride we took just a few months ago.

We can keep the momentum of optimism going by working together to ensure safe and prosperous business practices, continuing to pivot as necessary, and reminding ourselves that we’re navigating our businesses through one of the most challenging periods in our history.

The End is in Sight

Soon we’ll be able to look back on this time with lessons learned and stories to tell. Until then, let’s continue to practice the protocols, get vaccinated and look forward to sunny weather and a bright future for our local businesses!

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