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Thanks Giving & Looking Ahead

Thanks Giving amidst it all

If there's one thing (and there might only be one thing right now) we can all agree upon, it's the fact that November should be a time of Thanks Giving. Despite a pandemic, social and political unrest, and stores being filled with Christmas merchandise immediately after Halloween, most of us want to turn our focus to friends, family and what the Thanksgiving holiday will look like this year in the middle of a pandemic.

The challenges of 2020 have been many. Those of us who are employed and business owners who have been able to weather this storm should and do feel gratitude. We have watched as others have lost their jobs and walked away from their businesses. Yet there are many who have survived and even thrived and there are new businesses springing up through the cracks of the sidewalk.

Strategic Planning Retreat

Bremerton Chamber of Commerce is going into what could be referred to as a Fall Frenzy of Planning. New Board Chairman David Emmons is bringing the board together later this month for a Strategic Planning Retreat. Those of you who have been involved with the Chamber over the past two years know that we've been focused on relevance and impact, adding depth to issue-related advocacy and bringing those issues to you directly for your input. We'll be sharing the outcomes of the retreat with you in January and hope to engage you in both new and old ways!

As we focus on Thanksgiving this November, let's be especially conscious of those who are continuing to deal with major challenges and loss due to the pandemic's ongoing impact on local businesses and their employees. Employers, hang in there and continue to support your employees and let us know how we can help.

Image call to advertise with the Bremerton Chamber of CommerceThanks Giving: Our Commitment to Local

And let's continue our commitment to shopping local whenever we can. Let's support our local businesses that are still open and explore those that are opening now. Bremerton may be evolving but it will always be B-town!

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