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The Pulse of Local Businesses

As we enter the seventh month of the COVID19 Pandemic of 2020, Bremerton Chamber of Commerce continues to keep its thumb on the pulse of local businesses Many of our local businesses continue to persevere, displaying the same fortitude shown when they opened their doors for the first time. Some are more resilient than others, typically because they offer services or products in a way that falls within the State health guidelines. Some have been able to pivot and are now operating in a different way or with different products and services. Sadly, others have closed and yet against all odds, new businesses are sprouting here and there, with entrepreneurial spirit.  

The local business landscape here in Bremerton and throughout Kitsap County continues to change and those businesses that make the adjustments necessary will be more successful than others. This is why the word “pivot” is so often used that many of us have grown tired of hearing it. Whatever we call it, there is no doubt that it’s going to be necessary for the foreseeable future. Not that any of us can see very far, mind you.  

2020 Pivot Prize for Local Businesses

Bremerton Chamber of Commerce will be honoring those local businesses that have best shown the ability to pivot with their products, services or operations in order to survive and even thrive. Presented online, the 2020 PIVOT PRIZE will be awarded in four categories, including a special award for a local individual who has gone above and beyond in support of our local businesses. Those interested in nominating a business can do so online at Nominations are due October 15th and self-nominations are encouraged! Businesses must be a member of Bremerton Chamber of Commerce in order to win.  

Shop Local BusinessesShop Local Businesses

As we look forward into what may be the most challenging holiday season for local businesses in over a century, let’s keep our hearts and minds (and our shopping!) with our own local businesses. The term “Shop Local” has never been more important!  

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