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Let’s Give a Shout Out to our Local Road Crews and Emergency Workers!

In case you haven't seen what's been going on outside, Bremerton has been hit with a record level of snowfall and now we're all dealing with the aftermath.

We know that many of our local businesses have not been able to open their doors and others are busier than ever with insurance claims and car repairs. Most of us have remained at home, off the roads and safe from the treacherous conditions.

The same can't be said of our road crews and emergency workers from the City of Bremerton and outlying jurisdictions. Road crews have been working 12-hour shifts and some have spent up to 48-hours at their stations, ready to be called out at any time.

We know our member businesses appreciate the hard work and dedication of these crews and that you join us to say a big THANK YOU to them all!

Denise Frey, President and CEO

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